Mission - Decarbonization


Scientific Exploration and Advanced Research Center for Hydrogen Energy Systems is a Community Benefit Research and Development Company organized to pursue research and the inter-operation of research institutes for military and civilian decarbonization and decontamination technologies related to hydrogen and hydrocarbon counpounds.  

SEARCHES will dedicate resources to orgnaize innovation teams for Hydrogen energy storage and energy distribution systems, industrial processes and environmental remediation of industrial chemical byproduct contamination in the air, soil and water.

SEARCHES will dedicate resources to maximize the use of existing hydrocarbon fuel systems by developing new methods and research new processes to maximize hydrocarbon processing for generating Water and Carbon-based commercial products to reduce the amount of CO2 put into the global atmosphere.

SEARCHES will dedicate resources to the commericalization of hydrocarbon sourced carbon products adding value to the hydrogen industry and commerical availability of both Hydrogen and Carbon made commerical products.

SEARCHES will dedicate resources to the research and develop of the most effective means to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

SEARCHES will dedicate resources to the research and development of Hydrogen plasma systems for the mitigation of contaminated soil and legacy coal ash piles that must be safely processed into inert materials and removed from any potential contamination of public water systems.